Our Mills

Our Mills are in Karachi, Pakistan. Our Manufacturers have about 40 years of manufacturing experience. All textile processes are performed in house from spinning yarn to finishing final products. Very few manufacturers have this capability of doing every process in house. In essence , it is vertically integrated manufacturing process that sets us apart from competition. By doing everything in house, we are able to save cost and achieve quality and consistency in everything we weave. We ultimately pass these benefits to our beloved customers.Following are the processes completed in house.


Our corporate office and largest distribution center is in Atlanta, GA. Over years we have expanded to total of four distribution centers with an aim to deliver goods within 1-2 business days to all over US.


Our Team

Our US & Overseas teams have over 30 years of professional, and service background in the industry. We have highly trained and professional team qualified with professional degrees. We always look forward and promote highly trained individual. Our overseas team strive hard to create efficient manufacturing procedures to allow us to be very competitive while achieving product consistency. Our team ensure a smooth supply line so our customer get products at right time minimizing delays or oversupply. Our US team is very customer oriented and always ready to serve. For us it is normal to ship the orders same day even if received by 3pm. We make all out efforts to keep the customer happy and satisfied.