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HR Cotton operates with efficient production facility located at the hub of industrial activities of Pakistan, Karachi. We have approximately 40,000 Sq. meter work facility. Our annual production capacity is approx 1 million kg of terry products and .5 million yards of flat woven products. Today we stand as a vertically integrated unit having facilities of sizing, warping, weaving, dying/bleaching and stitching.

Sizing & Warping: This department is equipped with state of the art machines that can maintain smooth and exact tension to all the ends allowing yarn to maintain its strength.

Weaving: This department consists of more than 300 looms that enable company to produce on large scale providing economy of scale while maintaining above average quality.

Bleaching & Dying: Company has setup contractual agreement with efficient bleaching & dying service providers that help maintain high quality at low cost.

Stitching: This department is equipped with various stitching and over lock machines. It has skilled and efficient workers who can provide quality output.






Type of Machine:       Japanese
Number of Machine:   4
Capacity:                  500,000 Lbs/Month








Type of Machine:       Japanese
Number of Machine:   2
Capacity:                    600,000 Lbs/Month






Type of Machine:       Auto Power
Number of Machine:    400
Capacity:                  500,000 Lbs/Month






Type of Machine:       Jocky, Overlock etc
Number of Machine:    310
Capacity:                  550,000 Lbs/Month

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